Get hands-on with VersaStack, the validated converged infrastructure solution, jointly developed by IBM and Cisco.


Validated converged infrastructure for IBM storage

Designed to help you accelerate the deployment of IT infrastructure, VersaStack is the leading converged solution of compute, network and storage. Combining the innovation of Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure with the efficiency of the IBM Storwize storage system, VersaStack provides faster delivery of applications, greater IT efficiency, and less risk.

VersaStack is backed by Cisco Validated Designs and IBM Redbooks, enabling you to build, deploy, secure, and maintain applications through a more agile framework. With a simplicity of architecture and powerful management software, the Cisco UCS automatically configures a server, its storage and its networking characteristics.

Get hands-on with VersaStack from Applied Technologies now.

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Why Cisco UCS?

Cisco Unified Computing System is the next-generation data center platform that unites compute, network, storage access, and virtualisation into an intelligent, integrated infrastructure to reduce total cost of ownership and increase business agility.

Cisco UCS helps you standardise IT processes, allowing you to work at a higher level, defining policies and allowing automation to handle routine administrative tasks. Run any workload on any resource with dynamic provisioning, an ultimate unified system that automates system configuration in a reproducible, scalable manner.


Having experienced a demo session with Cisco, we were blown away by the architectural simplicity of the UCS and how it could significantly improve performance, management and provisioning. Our infrastructure specialist, Applied Technologies, and software partner MCS Global, proposed a validated VersaStack solution using our existing IBM storage, offering the benefits whilst ensuring continuity and controlling costs. The whole process was taken care of – design, validation, supply and implementation – and the results have been way beyond our expectations. Our whole infrastructure has been transformed.

Andy Wortley, Ashtead Plant Hire


Your Premier Technology Partner with joint Cisco and IBM skills in house…

Applied Tech are Cisco and IBM Partners, combining the skills and experience necessary to deliver a successful transition to systems consolidation.

  • Design fully validated by Cisco
  • Proven Converged Infrastructure
  • Ability to adapt quickly to any changes in priorities

Applied Technologies have the technical and commercial knowledge to allow clients to take their existing IBM Storwize storage and combine it with Cisco unified computing and switches.

  • Gold IBM Business Partner
  • Select Cisco Business Partner
  • 25+ Years supplying IBM & Cisco Solutions
  • Tens of IBM Storwize solutions installed

Applied Technologies have extensive converged infrastructure experience; delivering solutions that centralise management, consolidate systems, increase resource-utilisation and lower costs.

  • Avoid “Rip & Replace” by utilising existing IBM Storage
  • Visible cost reduction and lower TCO
  • Managed transition to Converged Infrastructure

VersaStack is the most versatile converged infrastructure

No other x86 integrated system brings all these valuable capabilities together


Cisco UCS vs. HP Virtual Connect

Not all IT architectures are created equal.

The Cisco UCS solution offers a simplified management framework by placing all management and configuration services at a pair of centrally located control points called Fabric Interconnects.

This allows users to facilitate large-scale deployments and full management with no additional hardware or software requirements.

Download this white paper as an example of how the reduced complexity of the Cisco UCS architecture can simplify your infrastructure, leading to ease of deployment, streamlined management and lower costs.


Understanding the benefits of the VersaStack system


more data in the same space


performance with as little as 5% capacity on flash


management effort reduction


lower storage growth


improved TCO


faster provisioning


lower power consumption


reduction in cabling


Get to grips with UCS, the driving force behind VersaStack, at Cisco Labs in Manchester and Bedfont Lakes.

Experience UCS

Location: Cisco’s Labs, Manchester or Bedfont Lakes

Format: 1/2 Day (date and time to suit you)

Come and experience a deep dive into Cisco UCS with Cisco technicians. Receive a full overview of UCS, and explore the UCS Manager, set up and service profiles. Run through specifics around how your solution may look and put together a framework of how migration to UCS would happen.

With the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about UCS, this session will be invaluable before adopting a UCS solution.


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